Gaming Industry: The Future Looks Bright


The gaming industry is booming. Nobody could have imagined what the gaming industry would blossom into when they grabbed their favorite snack and played a few rounds of Centipede on their living room TV box. However, simple games like these have led to a tech revolution in which has flourished into todays’ gaming industry and [...]

Gaming Industry: The Future Looks Bright2021-04-19T13:15:54-05:00

Gen-Z: Gig Economy Trend


The trend of gig economy jobs is soaring especially with the Gen-Z generation. Gig economy jobs are essentially temporary freelancing jobs where the worker doesn’t actually belong to a corporation and is employed as an individual entity jumping from role to role.  A shocking 46 percent of Gen-Z workers are freelancers. Of that 46 percent, [...]

Gen-Z: Gig Economy Trend2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00

Gen Z Trend: Sustainability


Generation Z is well known for their upbringing in a digital world, and as they are reaching adulthood they are tending to be more conscious about what they consume – and therefore are influencing the products and values that businesses create. With growing concerns of global warming and environmental degradation in younger people, sustainability is [...]

Gen Z Trend: Sustainability2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00
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