Gen Z Trend: Sustainability


Generation Z is well known for their upbringing in a digital world, and as they are reaching adulthood they are tending to be more conscious about what they consume – and therefore are influencing the products and values that businesses create. With growing concerns of global warming and environmental degradation in younger people, sustainability is [...]

Gen Z Trend: Sustainability2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00

Covid-19 Impact on VC and Startups


Covid brought a lot of uncertainty to financial markets which brings up concerns about how it might impact the state of VC and startup fundraising. There were a lot of initial concerns about what the effect of Covid might be on VC.  Issues people were worried about were the lack of availability for in-person networking [...]

Covid-19 Impact on VC and Startups2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00

The Rise of Student-Run Venture Capital


The past few years have seen a large growth of student-run venture capital funds, including ours based out of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Atland Ventures. In my ~4 weeks working at Atland, it’s already been an incredibly valuable experience, as I’m sure it has for everyone else in the company. So it raises the [...]

The Rise of Student-Run Venture Capital2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00

Recess: the Diligence Process of the Online Sponsorship Marketplace


The sponsorship marketplace is large and vast, offering a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. The challenge is to effectively connect both sides of the marketplace, sponsors and event organizers, and add onto that a global pandemic which creates an even greater obstacle to overcome. After thorough research, our team recognized the need for a simplified [...]

Recess: the Diligence Process of the Online Sponsorship Marketplace2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00
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