The sponsorship marketplace is large and vast, offering a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. The challenge is to effectively connect both sides of the marketplace, sponsors and event organizers, and add onto that a global pandemic which creates an even greater obstacle to overcome. After thorough research, our team recognized the need for a simplified version of the online sponsorship marketplace.

Recess is an online marketplace that connects potential sponsors to event organizers. It offers capabilities such as filtering by budget size, location, event type, “ad format” and many others. Although it provides an efficient way to find and connect the two sides of the marketplace, our investment in the company heavily relies on a key characteristic of Recess that differentiates itself from other players in the market.

Unique to its competitors, Recess offers a platform through which the entire transactional process relating to sponsorship takes place. That process includes:

1) the discovery of an event and/or a sponsor for said event

2) the evaluation and selection of potential events/sponsors, and

3) the payment process

Our team understands the large value proposition this process simplification creates, resulting in our decision to invest.

As society continues to pursue ways to utilize technology to its advantage, and to be more efficient and time-effective, Recess provides time-saving benefits to professionals in the sponsorship space. The platform’s ease of use and ability to generate analytical information for its customers generates additional value to its users. Although the global pandemic has caused great disruption for many budgets across sectors, the benefits of Recess far outweigh the costs. Our team has a strong outlook on Recess and its future, despite the current economically-challenging time.

Author: Jenna Bosell | LinkedIn