Gaming Industry: The Future Looks Bright


The gaming industry is booming. Nobody could have imagined what the gaming industry would blossom into when they grabbed their favorite snack and played a few rounds of Centipede on their living room TV box. However, simple games like these have led to a tech revolution in which has flourished into todays’ gaming industry and [...]

Gaming Industry: The Future Looks Bright2021-04-19T13:15:54-05:00

AgTech – Digital Transformation


          At this point in time, it is clear that the world is undergoing a digital transformation. This transformation is showing up in just about every area of life- including the sources of the food we eat. Does running a farm sound simple to you? Think again. Although some may have [...]

AgTech – Digital Transformation2021-04-19T13:15:54-05:00

AI Uses for Indoor Farming


          Agriculture is an essential part of our society, though it has been facing various challenges due to growing population, climate change, soil erosion, and other ecological challenges. Scientists have estimated that by 2050, food demand will be 60% higher than it is today, but the amount of fertile land will [...]

AI Uses for Indoor Farming2021-04-19T13:15:54-05:00

How a $2.9M Tweet is Paving the Way for Creators to Monetize Their Work


        You may have seen headlines recently about a digital creator's collection selling for $70M, a video-game gif with a character named Nyan Cat selling for $500k, or Jack Dorsey's first tweet on Twitter sell for $2.9M.  With the crypto boom of late 2020 and early 2021, multiple digital industries have emerged: [...]

How a $2.9M Tweet is Paving the Way for Creators to Monetize Their Work2021-04-19T13:15:54-05:00

Welcoming Kyndoo, a platform driving real commerce through real influencers


We are ecstatic to announce Atland Venture’s investment in Kyndoo, participating in their $1.5M round to accelerate their product roadmap and capitalize on their already stellar offerings. The Pitch Kyndoo is a data company that helps brands analyze influencers to understand the right ones to partner with and solve the problem of influencer fraud, attribution, [...]

Welcoming Kyndoo, a platform driving real commerce through real influencers2021-04-09T17:33:45-05:00
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