We are ecstatic to announce Atland Venture’s investment in Kyndoo, participating in their $1.5M round to accelerate their product roadmap and capitalize on their already stellar offerings.

The Pitch
Kyndoo is a data company that helps brands analyze influencers to understand the right ones to partner with and solve the problem of influencer fraud, attribution, and safety.
Using structured and – most importantly – unstructured data, Kyndoo is opening and illuminating the black box that has been influencer marketing. With its rich collection of data and analysis algorithms, Kyndoo is able to verify influencer authenticity, track attrition across campaigns, and protect brands from off-brand influencers.

The Finer Details
From our perspective as Gen Zs, it is clear that influencer marketing will be a pillar of growth efforts for companies in the future. Influencers, creators, community builders – whatever you want to call them – are not only growing in size and reach each year (kids want to grow up to be content creators now, not astronauts), but have a clear ability to drive sales for brands. But there’s a catch: our generation can smell a #fakefluencer from a mile away. There are hundreds of tricks people will use nowadays to gain followers. But none of that breeds trust. Those that have the trust of their followers got it through hard work and providing constant value. Kyndoo is empowering and amplifying those influencers.
The metrics current platforms provide are based on likes per follower and the number of comments, things that can be easily gamed. Kyndoo is the only platform that is able to truly quantify the trust (aka the ability to drive commerce) an influencer has built. This works two ways. By amplifying the authentic influencer and quantifying real brand impact, Kyndoo is providing huge value on both sides of the marketplace.

The long-term, world domination plan is this: take the sourcing and decision making out of brands’ hands by predicting which influencers a brand should partner with to drive the most sales in the most on-brand way. With this funding round, Kyndoo is adding to an already elite team to accelerate their journey to making this a reality. Along the way, they will still be providing more value than any other platform can.

The Deal
We were introduced to Kyndoo through the 500 Startups Batch 27 Demo Day. From the first contact, Kelly’s commitment to communication has been extremely impressive. I once emailed her a few questions, got on a call 20 minutes later, and ended the 45 minutes talking about my life goals. We couldn’t be happier to be partnered with such an incredible management team from an experience perspective (LinkedIns here), and such incredible and diverse people from a human perspective.

To join us in watching Kyndoo’s growth, follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Lastly, feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or thoughts!