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B2G: The Intersection Between the Public and Private Sector


At one point, all of us have experienced being a customer of a business, or a part of one itself. So, as a VC analyst or an entrepreneur, we tend to focus on B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) companies. However, there is another business model that, despite its size and prevalence, often doesn’t cross our [...]

B2G: The Intersection Between the Public and Private Sector2023-12-21T17:43:22-06:00

SaaS: Growth Breeds Competition


“Every business is a software business.” A line from Watts S. Humphrey, often regarded as the father of quality in software. A line that hasn’t rung more true than in the present day. In recent years, SaaS has risen to the leading venture-backed industry. According to Dealroom, “in 2022, 45% of venture capital (VC) was [...]

SaaS: Growth Breeds Competition2023-10-24T21:50:42-05:00

The Why Behind the Growth of the ESG Sector


Startups heavily rely on trends in investor and consumer behavior. Amid volatile venture capital (VC) conditions and Gen-Z becoming more influential in the market, the ESG sector specifically is going to see growth. According to JP Morgan, “over $500 billion flowed into ESG-integrated funds in 2021.” With funds worldwide struggling to raise, a constraint on [...]

The Why Behind the Growth of the ESG Sector2023-05-08T19:57:52-05:00
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