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A Data-Driven World


Data is changing the world around us. This past year the total volume of data reached 45,000 exabytes - 1 exabyte is 1018 bytes - and this number is only expected to rise. Experts predict this number will double within the next two years as advanced technology is allowing for increased data-storage capacity at reduced [...]

A Data-Driven World2021-01-26T17:24:27-06:00

Brief Summary Adapted From Venture Deals: What is a Term Sheet?


In essence, a term sheet is a legal document that outlines the transfer of capital from investors for equity in a company. This process happens seamlessly every single day on your favorite stock exchange. Gen Zers like myself are used to being able to log onto Robinhood and buy $10 worth of Amazon stock. With [...]

Brief Summary Adapted From Venture Deals: What is a Term Sheet?2020-11-17T20:55:43-06:00

Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups by Jason Calacanis


I recently finished reading Angel by Jason Calacanis and did not realize how impactful it would be. I started to realize how truly passionate I was about entrepreneurship/startups and started respecting the work in a whole new way. Taking risks and believing in the management team and the companies is a huge part of diligence. [...]

Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups by Jason Calacanis2020-11-17T20:55:43-06:00

Where Robotics is Headed and Why You Should Care


All of us have had some exposure to robotics, whether it be crying over Wall E, scared by Ultron or “evil AI”, or maybe you’ve sat in a self-driving tesla or owned a Roomba. Research and advancement in robotics has recently been accelerated by the rapid growth of AI algorithms, particularly with the application of [...]

Where Robotics is Headed and Why You Should Care2020-11-17T20:55:43-06:00

The Boundary Between Machines and Humans


In recent months, I’ve been fascinated with the potential collaboration in thoughts of machines and humans. Many times, a huge buzzword being thrown around is “augmentation”. However, what does that really mean? Is it robots replacing all the menial, day-to-day tasks humans have done to free-up time for elevated thinking? How does one label how [...]

The Boundary Between Machines and Humans2020-11-17T20:55:43-06:00

Gen-Z: Gig Economy Trend


The trend of gig economy jobs is soaring especially with the Gen-Z generation. Gig economy jobs are essentially temporary freelancing jobs where the worker doesn’t actually belong to a corporation and is employed as an individual entity jumping from role to role.  A shocking 46 percent of Gen-Z workers are freelancers. Of that 46 percent, [...]

Gen-Z: Gig Economy Trend2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00

Gen Z Trend: Sustainability


Generation Z is well known for their upbringing in a digital world, and as they are reaching adulthood they are tending to be more conscious about what they consume – and therefore are influencing the products and values that businesses create. With growing concerns of global warming and environmental degradation in younger people, sustainability is [...]

Gen Z Trend: Sustainability2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00

Covid-19 Impact on VC and Startups


Covid brought a lot of uncertainty to financial markets which brings up concerns about how it might impact the state of VC and startup fundraising. There were a lot of initial concerns about what the effect of Covid might be on VC.  Issues people were worried about were the lack of availability for in-person networking [...]

Covid-19 Impact on VC and Startups2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00

The Rise of Student-Run Venture Capital


The past few years have seen a large growth of student-run venture capital funds, including ours based out of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Atland Ventures. In my ~4 weeks working at Atland, it’s already been an incredibly valuable experience, as I’m sure it has for everyone else in the company. So it raises the [...]

The Rise of Student-Run Venture Capital2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00

Recess: the Diligence Process of the Online Sponsorship Marketplace


The sponsorship marketplace is large and vast, offering a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. The challenge is to effectively connect both sides of the marketplace, sponsors and event organizers, and add onto that a global pandemic which creates an even greater obstacle to overcome. After thorough research, our team recognized the need for a simplified [...]

Recess: the Diligence Process of the Online Sponsorship Marketplace2020-11-17T20:55:44-06:00
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