Atland Ventures was officially founded in 2015 when a group of University of Minnesota students, understanding the importance of innovation within our generation, developed Atland to actively educate students on topics within Venture-Capital and early-stage investing. Fast-forward four years and our group of 28 students raised just over $1,00,000 dollars to complete our first fund focused on pre-seed and seed-stage investments with check sizes between $25,000-$50,000 dollars.

Atypical to most student-run funds, we are student-owned and operate with the same organizational structure as an independent VC. Our fund is industry agnostic, with a thesis centered around finding companies that solve problems felt by Generation Z. While we do not have extensive industry experience, we utilize a fresh perspective and a vast array of faculty, alumni, and advisors to support our diligence processes.

Currently, our team consists of 28 students representing 5 colleges within the University of Minnesota and 17 majors. Students have the opportunity to deal with sources, complete due diligence research, network with founders/VCs, and make investment decisions. Our team’s interest lies in micro-mobility, robotics/AI, Sustainability, CPG, and Marketing/Adtech.

We are excited to share our stories, updates, and future plans with you through our blog. If you are interested and would like to learn more about Atland, please contact us at [email protected]