Atland Ventures is thrilled to announce our investment into Tavolo! Tavolo is an AI-driven content creation and automated marketing platform for hospitality businesses that helps drive revenue for business owners.

There are over 700,000 restaurants in the U.S., with the majority of them struggling to retain and attract customers. Over 82% of these restaurants fail because they struggle to increase revenue and over 74% struggle to retain customers. Additionally, a restaurant loses an average of $120,000 each year by not being able to leverage customer data. Restaurants rely on repeat customers to generate revenue but aren’t able to use this data to effectively improve their business. 

Tavolo helps restaurants drive repeat customers and increase revenue. Tavolo is leveraging technology to enhance hospitality marketing strategies, by pioneering a dynamic platform that identifies industry trends, aggregates data from various restaurant technologies, and utilizes real customer insights to create powerful marketing campaigns. 

On average, Tavolo’s 73 customers see a 50% increase in repeat ordering, a 15% revenue lift, and 3x return on investment on what they spend on Tavolo’s services. The Tavolo team has experienced less than 1% churn with its customers since its founding and the company is growing rapidly. 

Tavolo recently closed a round of funding which was co-led by O’Leary Ventures and Groove Capital. We are very excited to be on the cap table and to support a company in our own backyard. 

I was lucky enough to work with the Tavolo team during the 2023 Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator Program based in Minneapolis this past summer. Taran, Sal and Abdi were incredible to work with and it was clear how dedicated they were to listening to the needs of their customers and in turn, building the best possible offering for them. Combined, the team is a marketing powerhouse, with decades of experience in hospitality, marketing and content creation. Taran, Sal, and Abdi’s team chemistry, ambition, and dedication to what they’re building at Tavolo is obvious and they were a team that I was excited to get in front of Atland. 

As a friend and new investor, I couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome Tavolo to Atland as a portfolio company – the fund is thrilled to support and see the journey that lies ahead.