The death of George Floyd and other tragic acts of racism and discrimination we have witnessed over the last several weeks have been both senseless and devastating. As a firm, we would like to share our condolences with families, friends, and communities as a whole. We must open our eyes, listen to those that are hurting and grieving, re-examine our values and biases, and do better. We must raise our voices and stand together in our shared commitment to bring lasting equal justice. Atland Ventures has held the privilege of cultivating a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds, and we know there is more that can be done. We understand that the world of venture capital revolves around relationship-building, seeking out leaders in the community to learn from them and to focus investment decisions to fit our firm’s expertise stack. Through our journey, we have noticed that certain areas of venture capital are disproportionate.

Hence, Atland Ventures has constantly striven to maintain diversity and inclusion as two of our most important pillars. There is harder work ahead both inside and outside of Atland Ventures. The events that have unfolded clearly reflect widespread structural challenges. We pledge to work closely with our diverse community of students to drive for change. We will continue to push our recruiting efforts to reflect our firm’s key pillars by increasing our talent and outreach pool to students of different backgrounds. Additionally, we will also expand our efforts to our diligence processes by actively sourcing deals and engaging in investment conversations with historically marginalized or underrepresented groups. We know that we can do better, and we have every intention to implement the changes listed above. In order for society to move forward with a higher ethical code and to sustain change, it requires all of our efforts. With us, it begins here.

Atland Ventures