Encased in glass within BetterYou’s new office space is a Sony Magic Link, one of the first historical attempts at creating what we now refer to as a ‘smartphone.’ The 1994 device, intended to have a limited number of features like the phone or notebook applications, is also one of CEO Sean Higgins’ favorite features of the office, and a key connection to BetterYou’s mission. In Sean’s eyes, the Magic Link is a treasured reminder of how people were originally meant to use cell phones- with mindful intentions.


BetterYou is a digital platform that allows cellphone users to build habits and maximize time by automatically integrating with their phone and calendar. Founder Sean Higgins explains the BetterYou mission as helping people feel successful while getting tasks done. In a world where technology has been utilized to optimize company time, Higgins feels there aren’t enough solutions to prioritize time on an individual basis


BetterYou’s journey with Atland Ventures began in early 2021. At the time of Atland’s investment, BetterYou’s round was oversubscribed, with investments from funds such as Groove Capital, Evolution Ventures, and Bootstrappers.mn. Higgins and his team decided to leave room for Atland Ventures on their cap table, valuing a digitally native perspective in building a self-care technology company. With our partnership, Atland has been able to help Higgins collect feedback and employee referrals from our Gen-Z network. At the time of Atland’s initial investment, BetterYou had 60 enterprise customers and four employees. Today, BetterYou is on track to reach their goal of $175k in monthly recurring revenue and employs twenty people in their brand new St. Paul office. Higgins recognizes the savvy startup ecosystem thriving in the Twin-Cities as an integral part of BetterYou’s success. Mayor Melvin Carter spoke at the office opening party to express his gratitude towards BetterYou’s dedication to solving a pressing issue in the city.  


What’s next for BetterYou? For Higgins, the job isn’t done yet. He believes in celebrating wins along the way, but consistently working harder than before to reach new goals. In the near future, BetterYou hopes to expand their client network and also explore new offerings. The team is considering adding a ‘choose your own adventure’ feature, and thinking about working with insurance agencies to reach even more cellphone users. Atland is thrilled to see BetterYou’s success and we can’t wait to support what comes next.